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More than 40 specially selected food and beverage vendors will be attending the 2014 Canadian Artisan Tasting Fair. Award winning Canadian cheeses will be showcased alongside bread bakers and charcuterie butchers. Craft brewers and their beers will be paired with all of the foods, too!

Our local and smaller-scale food producers will show off their achievements at CATF, because unlike many food and drink events in Toronto, we provide them with the unique opportunity to participate in a marketplace that has usually been dominated by larger producers at similar events. The fair will provide them with a unique opportunity to present their products alongside Canada's best and award winning cheeses and connect with you, a like-minded and potentially new customer.

'The highlight of the event was being able to interact with the artists who had crafted these delights. They were clearly proud of their work!' - The Roaming Life

Patrons of the fair are people who seek out and appreciate high-quality and artisan foods. They are food lovers and often people who are both involved in the community and support buying local. You will have the opportunity to talk to any or all of our producers and learn about the products they make while you discover, sample, and shop.

'People are really interested in the food and you can tell they have a real passion for it'. - says Andrew Zirone, prep cook from Cout de Boeuf

'We loved the emphasis on local and sustainable food production!' - YYZ Gourmand